Conceived as a response to the broader theme of the studio to explore the notion of time in both natural and man-made physical world, this project began by contemplating the perception and memories of places we grew up; where memories were made.
The design was expanded and developed to explore this inter-relationship between a person and a place on its own narrative. It responds to how these perceptive memories can physically adapt into the natural environment of the landscape.
Guided by the episodic memory where the user explores, a series of experiential volumes bleeds the land at low tide and hovers uneasily above the crashing waves of the high tide.

rayal anand yelamarthi
Joseph Coulter
First attempt at working with ‘Revit’ to obtain renders of a building of campus, then re-rendered in photoshop to put a twist of my own style on them! 
Joseph Coulter
Matt McCallum
Site Analysis for Edinburgh site2014. Digital.
External/Internal circulation: suspended Glulam walkway allows views of the salt wells below
Ice Cream Authority, Pentapolis Project, Masters In Architecture Kent
Tom Bucknall 2014 (Sketch-Up - Vray - Photoshop)
Master 1 Student projectBlack, White and grey representationArts Foundation in Como, IT
Global Warming Observatory, 2013