Furniture Makers Workshop, Plan & Observation Drawing, Pencil, 2014. By Rosanna Zicchieri
Furniture Makers Workshop, long photomontage drawing by Rosanna Zicchieri. 2014.
Lorenzo Degli Esposti, Consolazione0010: Altanella celeste su “L’azzurro del cielo” di Aldo Rossi (1931 – 1997), Milano, 2014 / Lorenzo Degli Esposti, Consolation0010: Celestial Altanella on “L’azzurro del cielo” by Aldo Rossi (1931 – 1997), Milan, 2014
Propositional Masterplan for the redevelopment of Stowford Paper Mill
Ryan Blackford -
Proposal under construction - sectional study
Speculative sectional study
Hand rendered entrance sequence sectional study.
Joseph Coulter
Cut Cubes
Scarlett Weissman - 2014
Digitial Media, 24” x 18”
Study for 134 Lambeth Road, Alma-nac Collaborative Architecture 2014

Waste sorting towers are built in Paddington Basin to meet the Mayor of London’s aim for waste processing autonomy within London by 2031.

Pencil on 1010mm x 1372mm cartridge, Ashwin Patel, 2014