Interaction - Fysal Amirzada 2014

A personal investigation into an everyday ritual, whereby the physical traces left behind allow the front door to assume a level of legibility, articulating the patterns of everyday life and identity. 
In this way, the pragmatic field starts to inform the intentionality behind the masterplan proposition, placing significance in the cultural value of the redundancy domestic artefact as a barometer of place and time. 
Clownitecture physical model by Kach Theeprawat
Clownitecture by Kach Theeprawat
vertical street 
author: Paula Madridyear: 2014size: 14x17x8cm
intervention in a concrete housing block - a ramp goes up along the building creating a vertical street. 
Gravitational Deconstruction of the Robie House
David Heaton 2014

Ink Pen, Photoshop
Urban Fabric | Jesse Ewart  
VUW School of Architecture, Wellington.
The Floating City of Aurelia - Sean Robert Hussey