Waste sorting towers are built in Paddington Basin to meet the Mayor of London’s aim for waste processing autonomy within London by 2031.

Pencil on 1010mm x 1372mm cartridge, Ashwin Patel, 2014
Perfume Distillery, Enfleurage Station & Etching Workshop. Almada Lisbon
Author: Jovan SarenacProject: King Milan street drawing, 2014Paper, fineliner
Dried Chat Room / Winning Project at BIENNALE INTERIEUR Belgium Kortrijk 2014
by SPECTACULARCH! Francesca Perani & Sandra Marchesi / DWA Alberto Artesani & Frederik De Wachter
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Andrew Chardhttp://andrew-chard.tumblr.com/Moving Theatre, Final Model
New school / competition proposal / www.spectacularch.com Spectacularch francesca perani sandra marchesi architects & Architect angelo calleoni & laura Pizzi Architect/
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Adrien DANIEL   http://www.concreteballoons.com/iMaChiNaRiuM
Crane in Dusseldorf 2
INTERWOVEN DENSITIES1/4” = 1’0” Section hand drafting + photoshop on 12x18” mylar 
Elizabeth Wong // California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo // B. Arch ‘16