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Location: London, England, UK

Back to the Future map, “Paths of the Future” - prints for sale at g1988! 

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Horticultural Hall, Kevin Kuriakose,2014
Imaginary city by a river. Ink on paper, 80x110cm, 2012. Imaginary city which combines elements from London, New York and Paris in one city. This drawing was entirely drawn from memory. For more images please visit my website at

Microcosmic City
Alexander Flint & Gareth Bansor

OfficeUS in U.S. Pavilion  |  Leong Leong & Storefront for Art & Architecture
“Taking history as its foundational ground, we envision OfficeUS not just as an exhibition, but as the first headquarters for a new model of global architectural production. In these ways, OfficeUS is an anti-exhibition, it turns the pavilion from presentation to demonstration. We are setting a stage for the architects and visitors to address and respond to the most pressing architectural anxieties of the last one hundred years.”